The Parakeet and the Hunter-Boy (KJ103)

This was only my second-ever translation from Kannada to English. (This was the first translation.) I believe it happened some eight or so years ago, perhaps a year or two before I tried to first translate Bendre. To now have this translation appear in Kyoto Journal – without a doubt, one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and beautifully-produced journals in the world, even in digital form – is a special honour. (Just as felicitious is the fact that this is the first appearance of the Kannada language in Kyoto Journal.) My sincere thanks to Ken Rodgers for facilitating its appearance. My thanks also to Hirisha for the simple yet arresting layout of the piece. Finally, my thanks and my congratulations to Nanditha TM, illustrator and Chittaara artist, for her sumptuous drawings, especially the exquisitely detailed drawing of the ತೇರು (tēru: chariot) on the second page. Nanditha is working towards helping Chittaara (ಚಿತ್ತಾರ), an art form indigenous to the Malnad region of Karnataka, not just stay alive but flourish. My best wishes to her.

Also – this is just one of the many writings that make up KJ103, Kyoto Journal‘s issue centred on the theme of Creativity. To read more translations, essays, poems, stories, interviews or to simply gaze upon the wonderful pictures found throughout the issue, please go here.

Note: I’ve uploaded the story in the “File” format, so if the actual PDF doesn’t show up on your phone or tablet, please click on the link and open it separately. Happy reading!

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