K-E Transliteration Guide


This is a guide that explains how to read (and pronounce) the Kannada language when it is written using the English alphabet and diacritics. I hope it proves useful.


Letter Pronounced like Letter Pronunced like
a another e pen
ā father ē hey
i pin ai aisle
ī need o opinion
u oops (short u) ō yoke
ū mood au flautist
cruise (rolled r) am hum


Letter Pronounced like Letter Pronounced like
ka paprika tha (aspirate) pronounced like th
(but with an out-breath)
kha (aspirate, out-breath) thick honey (imagine pronouncing the two words together very fast) da the
ga saga dha (aspirate) pronounced like the
(but with an out-breath) 
gha (aspirate) big honey na cane
ṅa ink pa epic
ca chutney pha (aspirate) scoop honey
cha (aspirate) much honey ba scuba
ja japan bha (aspirate) rub honey
jha (aspirate) raj honey ma aroma
na (pronounced like the regular n) ninja ya employ
ṭa turkey ra arachnid
ṭha (aspirate) borscht honey la hula
ḍa should va swill
ḍha (aspirate) should honey sh shut (both with and without an out-breath)
ṇa (retroflex; say n, but get the tongue to touch the roof of the mouth)  NA sa suppose
ta thing ha humble